About Us


Bridleway’s team love horses just as much as you do.


Our horse and rider ranges are designed by passionate and talented professionals in order to offer you and your horse an exclusive collection of high quality equestrian products at great value.


All of our ranges have been commissioned and manufactured for Bridleway retailers, who have some of the finest independent equestrian stores in the country. These retailers are able to help you in your choices and advise you on the products that suit your horse best.


To buy Bridleway products visit our stockist section. If you don’t have a Bridleway stockist in your area yet, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to benefit from this excellent product range by shopping on this website.


The background

The independent retailer is the lifeblood of the consumer equestrian market, more often than not family owned, able to offer free advice and a wide choice of product. Bridleway products are only available from independent retailers as these people have something special and that’s knowledge. Knowledge of the market, the product and the customer and this is something that the Bridleway retail partners feel will be key to the brand’s success.

If you have any suggestions about products you would like to see included in the range we’d love to hear from you please get in touch on our contact page.